Certain credentials and close tie-ups

Asian Centre for Research & Development (ACORD)

The MoU was signed by GSA with ACORD as underneath:

“This has reference to our discussion with you about the probability of your organization (ACORD) getting involved in Round 9 TB grant from the Global Fund to conduct a Baseline Knowledge, Attitude and Practices survey on tuberculosis.

We will be happy to be a part of your consortium in successfully completing this survey within the time and quality parameter required for the same within the available budget in Uttar Pradesh.

We look forward to working with you on this project.”

-Global Science Academy

BBC World Service Trust

Global Science Academy has been an enthusiastic and reliable partner of BBC World Service Trust’s India HIV-AIDS campaign for the past year. As such, it has acted as referral point for inquiries on HIV-AIDS resulting from mass-media campaign in North India. Specifically, it has handled the timely distribution of campaign print materials and assumed the responsibility of providing information and counseling on HIV-AIDS.

-Lori Mc Dougall, Project Manager
BBC World Service Trust


We are happy to note that there will be a strong and large delegation attending from India that is headed by Minister of Health and Family Welfare, Shri Ghulam Nabi Azad and includes NACO officials, member of parliament/legislative assembly and civil society organizations including representatives of youth organization, positive network, faith based organizations. In fact India may well have the broadest and largest team from Asia, even globally, at the event! I wish you a fruitful and interesting meeting…

-Prof. Charles Gilks, Country Director-UNAIDS, India
(In context of UN General Assembly High Level Meeting on AIDS, New York, June 2011)

We have been witness to your involvement and participation on World AIDS Day 2008 and would like to acknowledge your excellent contribution to the cause of AIDS awareness. UNAIDS felicitates you for the excellent commemoration of World AIDS Day 2008 arranged by your organization (Global Science Academy). With great pleasure, we present the enclosed memento as a token of our appreciation for your commitment in India’s response to the HIV epidemic. With assurances of our highest regards.

-Dr. Ranjan Dwivedi, Technical Advisor, UNAIDS-India

Thank you for participating in the process of developing The HIV/AIDS Bill 2005. Sending copy of the bill for you.

-Anand Grover, Lawyers Collective HIV/AIDS Unit

UNAIDS is pleased to invite you to attend 7th ICAAP, Kobe Japan

-Dr. Ruben del Prado, Deputy Country Director, UNAIDS-India

Clafflin University, USA

Prof. Grewal of Clafflin University, USA admired GSA’s anti-AIDS activities and for “HIV/AIDS Manual” as developed by them for their anti-AIDS India-project, included the content as suggested by Dr. Anil on OIs as well as on HAART.

CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), Atlanta, Georgia, USA

On behalf of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Global AIDS Programme (GAP)/India, we are pleased to sponsor you for the XIV International AIDS Conference to be conducted in Barcelona, Spain from July 6-13, 2002. The sponsorship will include your registration for the conference, travel and stay in Barcelona. Please confirm your acceptance of our invitation not later than May 30, 2002.

-Ms. Nancy H. Nay, Associate Director, CDC/GAP India