GSA At A Glance

GSA is a Basti (India based) non-profit, non- governmental organization working in the areas of HIV/AIDS, Education, Gender and Sexual Health with special focus on vulnerable as well as high risk groups for STI/HIV infection and young people and experience of working in multiple initiatives, included both HIV and other developmental issues in India since 1996. GSA is known for innovations, commitment, high dedication and resourcefulness in responding to the challenges posed by HIV/AIDS. GSA has attended several international AIDS conferences on invitation by agencies like UNAIDS, CDC etc. Resulting from mass media on HIV/AIDS, by partnering with BBC World Service Trust, GSA was able to initiate STOP-AIDS Networks (AIDS 2006 - XVI International AIDS Conference: Abstract no. CDD0751). GSA conducted many surveys focused on women and children as well as on marginalized populations. Since Uttar Pradesh (UP) remain to be a state where burden of neonatal deaths are more and GSA focuses districts adjacent to Global Science Academy (GSA) HQ like Siddharthnagar, Gorakhpur, Bahraich, Faizabad (including Ayodhya) etc. for intervening in these potential areas to save maternal and infant lives through innovation, nurturing and e-governance . GSA contributed to Revised National Tuberculosis Control Programme by implementing Tuberculosis (TB) control project and also contributed a lot as its capacity of Founder Member to District TB/AIDS Coordination Committee. Basti.

GSA convened UNDP funded Seminar on HIV/AIDS Vulnerability of Uttar Pradesh (UP). GSA voraciously commemorate days, events like International AIDS-Vaccine Day, World AIDS Day, International Youth Day, International Migrants Day, World Health Day, National Science Day and many others. Funding bodies of GSA included UNDP, UNAIDS, UNICEF, UP State AIDS Control Society (UP SACS), Central Social Welfare Board, New Delhi, Shohrartgarh Environmental Society, Ministry of Environment & Forests, Central Pollution Control Board, New Delhi, Ministry of Human Resources Development, All India Council for Technical Education, Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC), Chief Medical Officer, Basti, District Health Society, Basti and others. GSA provided a compassionate and collaborative response to the needs of people infected, affected and at risk of HIV/AIDS through leadership in prevention, education, research, support service and advocacy. Also addressed issues of human rights violations through advocacy and free legal aid; creating awareness about HIV / AIDS / STIs (sexually transmitted Infections) in the red light areas, slums, universities, colleges, schools, etc. Providing counseling for people infected and / or affected by HIV / AIDS; produce information, education, communication material on HIV/AIDS and STIs, Sex and Sexuality and allied topics including issues of social injustices, unfair policies and discriminatory law enforcement, in collaboration with like minded NGO groups, and lawyers. GSA also conducts field studies, addresses legal issues of working population and publishes GSA newsletter. GSA participated many varied consultations on HIV/AIDS issues including strategy planning of Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria. GSA’s recent initiative “All India Networking of NGO Clusters on HIV/AIDS Issues” getting an overwhelming response. The organization has recently started advocating on New Prevention Technologies (NPTs) for HIV/AIDS in India including preventive HIV vaccine by voraciously convening events.